The Good Stuff is in Here

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Come in and take a look at our pasties

Pasties come from many different cultures and they carry great historical significance. A pasty is basically a pie without the pot.


It’s made with a variety of ingredients depending on your specific desires and what you are in

the mood for.

Huge portions of yummy goodness

Delicious flavor

Take a bite and enjoy the delicious flavors that erupt in your mouth. Come back for more – we know you will!


• Meat

• Veggies

• Dessert

• Whole or half

Let us know exactly what you want. We will make sure it is perfect for you!

No matter what kind of filling you want, you can expect us to have it. We've perfected the art of making sure that our pasties are perfect. The crust is flaky, never soggy, and the stuffing tastes amazing.


These are great for breakfast, for a party, or even just as a special treat on the weekends. Come in and get some - they are absolutely amazing!

Nicely prepared pasty on plate Freshly-baked pasties